Interior Design

How to Transform Your Home With Fine Art Inspired Interior Design

The secret to interior design is to find and follow your passion. No two people will agree on what a truly stunning interior looks like, but interior design pros recognize that starting with artist pictures for sale gives you the strongest footing to stand on.

Our high-quality prints allow you to invoke the best and most stunning artwork in your interior design. You will be able to create something fantastic out of any space when you have the best Californian artists’ work hanging on your walls.

No matter how you are hoping to decorate your space, having high-quality prints is as good of a place to start as it is to finish.

So where do you start?

Your first stop is our gallery. We have artist pictures for sale featuring work from some of the best artists in our community. These pictures can be your anchor for your new interior design plans. At Black Cat Studio, we work with a wide range of artists. Whether you are looking for someone who seeks to capture nature’s every detail or someone who is looking at the world through a more abstract lens, you can find it all in our shop.

After you’ve chosen a piece or two that will act as a foundation for your design plans, here’s your next step.

The best interior design work in Marin County/ California area sticks to some pretty simple principles. Here are three tips to transform any space into something worthy of a magazine cover.

  • Notice three colors in the prints you’ve selected and use those as your primary, secondary, and tertiary colors.

  • Consider the mood you are going for. Are these relaxed, exciting, or perhaps more inquisitive works of art? Use this emotion to guide your style choices.

  • Lastly, decide whether these works of art will be accent pieces designed to stand out or if you want them to contribute to a greater whole

Follow this guide and your next design project will be something the whole town will be talking about!