Christine Lemor

Born and raised in France, Christine Lemor grew up in a family obsessed by visual arts as the patriarch was a painter, engraver, art teacher and an art collector. Overdosing on art museums from a young age she can still remember when the Louvre was so empty that you could slide on your socks waiving at the portraits and avoiding guards. Christine spent all her vacations in her grandparents’ bountiful garden; observing trees, fruits and vegetables; as there was not much else to do. She worked as an occupational therapist in France, a translator/interpreter in the US and has been a serial volunteer since age 9. 

After raising her children, Christine Lemor wanted to explore nature journaling. She attended Mary L. Harden School of Botanical Illustration to get some tools and techniques as she was not very pleased with the first bird that she drew! Christine learned to use pencils, pen & ink and watercolor. Three years later, in 2018, she received her Certificate of Botanical Illustration. Then she started to take Japanese Sumi-e and calligraphy with Master Fumiyo Yoshikawa and Japanese with Duolinguo taking advantage of COVID confinement.

In two years, she participated in over 20 group exhibits in California, mostly juried, with her botanical art. She has printed over 40 notecards and still counting. She published a coloring book made from plants, flowers and vegetables from her garden, drawn in pen and ink. With a studio overlooking Muir Woods, she is also painting local views.

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